Elden Ring Has The Strongest Illusory Wall We’ve Ever Seen


Elden Ring Has The Strongest Illusory Wall We’ve Ever Seen

Hopefully it’s the only one, because I’m not going around and smacking every wall in the game 30-50 times.

Elden Ring PvP – Illusory Wall Got Hands

ELDEN RING | Law of Regression reveals illusory walls?

This happened in the Caelid Catacombs. I was trying to remove the Scarlet rot before stepping into the goo again. I didn’t know it could do this.

After going through NG+ I can confirm it does work on any illusory wall so it’s applicable on every dungeon with illusory walls.


ELDEN RING – [PATCHED] Breaking the 50 hit hidden wall effortlessly

Why bother repeatedly pressing a button over and over when you can just hold another?

EDIT: This is where the currently known walls like this are located: https://youtu.be/r_8Pg2Odl5E

PS: I Didn’t know back then the wall had 9999hp, it was described as a “50 hit wall” the day it was found, so i just called it like that when i made this video. The weapon is also not upgraded.

– This bug is now patched.

Elden Ring Dissected #3 – Hidden Map Changes

This episode of Elden Ring Dissected compares all of the map variations found across the major patches.

Elden Ring Map Comparisons / Map Alterations

0:00 Introduction
1:47 Limgrave
4:14 Liurnia
9:07 Caelid
12:45 Altus Plateau
14:30 Mountaintops of Giants / Haligtree
16:27 Jarburg and Closing Words