The Division 1.2 Update: Here Are the New Gear Sets


The Division 1.2 Update: Here Are the New Gear Sets

Check out the new Gear Sets for The Division’s soon-to-launch free update.

The Division: 1.2 Conflict-4 New Gear Sets Revealed, New High End Weapons, Release Date, PvE & More!

Nation! A date has been set! Update 1.2 Conflict is coming May 24th! Along with it new PvE Mission, 4 New Gear Sets, 4 New High End Weapons, New Dark Zone Bracket and of course the new Incursion.
Check out all of the information right here, and I will get into specifics in the next few days. Its a good time to be a Division Fan, lets hope they do the game justice and fix it right.

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Cant wait!

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The Division Special Report 1.2 Update : Here’s What You Need To Know

The Division is having another FREE update that address some issues with looting, Sentry’s call set (i don’t talk about this in this video)and adds some new features to the Dark Zone, a new Incursion called Clear Sky and 4 new Gear Sets that allegedly will force you to change the way you play!


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The Division – First look at The Update 1.2 New Gear Sets!

First Look at Final Measure:

First Look at Hunter’s Faith:

First Look at Lone Star:

First Look at Presator’s Mark:

The Division – New Gear Sets! All Patch 1.2 Changes (That We Know)

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Tom Clancy’s The Division- New Gear Sets! All Changes
Happening In Patch 1.2

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